Girls Volleyball Team Falls in Finals

Edryan Calderon, Reporter

     After dominating their competition in the Division 1 playoffs, the girls varsity volleyball team ended their championship run with a loss to Chatsworth High School in the finals on Nov. 9, as Chatsworth beat the Gondoliers in a close match ending 3-2. The team put up a better fight in the championship match, as the Gondos were previously beaten by Chatsworth in the regular season 3-0.

     The game finished off the seniors’ final playoff season and for the future stars of the girls varsity volleyball team.

     Before that, the Gondoliers only lost one set in the playoffs to San Pedro High School, as well as defeated both University High School and Van Nuys High School in a sweep in both the first and second round of the playoffs.  But unfortunately their efforts weren’t enough, as they fell to Chatsworth High School, preventing them from receiving the city title Nov. 9.

     Now, the Gondoliers look to rebuild their team, as many of their players are seniors who played throughout their high school years. Even then, the Gondos feel a sense of accomplishment, as they’ve played with immense passion and effort throughout the playoffs until the end.

     “I felt accomplished, since I got to play my last game with my best friend and enjoyed playing with everyone in the group, as everyone became close to each other,” said Tenzing Sherpa, a senior, when asked about how she felt playing in the finals for her last year at Venice High School. 

     While the seniors move on from high school, the remaining players for the girls varsity volleyball team look to fill in the missing gaps that will be created due to their leaving 

      “I think it will be a good leadership opportunity, as I look to improve while possibly leading the team in the future,” said Logan Takahashi, a sophomore. With the captains leaving next season, Logan looks to take the place of her leaving teammates next season and lead her team to yet another successful year.

     In the end, however, the team overall fell short of what they could’ve done.

     “Whenever we were losing, we felt down,”  said Takahashi. “Instead we could’ve focused on keeping our winning mentality and positive energy throughout the matches.”

     Despite the loss, their effort showed the chemistry and skills they developed as a team. Now the Gondoliers look to improve the next season under the possible leadership of Takahashi.