Spring Dance Planned


Shia Wade

A Spring dance is planned.

Bring out your flowers and flowy dresses because Venice is having a spring dance!

This spring dance the theme will be tropical so everyone will enjoy a bright fun face.

The music that will play will be accommodated to you because you will be allowed to request songs from anyone in leadership and the D.J will play all the songs that you would recommend. 

The recent spring dances have either been postponed or cancelled. The past years spring dances usually do not sell as much because many students were not aware that leadership is organizing a spring dance. Students skipped out on the opportunity to have a spring dance almost every year. This year Leadership is doing their best to get the word out this time so this spring dance won’t get cancelled. 

The dance is on March 28 $10  presale and $15 the last day.The more people show up the more dances we will be allowed to have.  Leadership wants to create more activities and fun to make your school enjoyable. There will be candy, pizza and chips on sale.