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Julian Lopez-Albany
I'm not sure what to put here but I was told my previous comment about the Catholic Church and how I personally believe it should abolished was not necessarily appropriate. So here is some information about me to substitute in instead of my comment. My name is Julian Lopez-Albany, I am 16 at the time of writing this and a junior at Venice High School. I am American, Puerto Rican, Spanish, Italian, Polish, & Russian. Even though this is a vast combination of ethnicities, I look pretty white, however, I identify as a half white half Puerto Rican, please refer to me as that, thank you. I also identify as a male, I don't want any confusion surrounding that, I am a male. I like clothes, making clothes, sneakers, skating, television, movies, my girlfriend, and a lot of other things. Those are just to name a few, did I mention I like sneakers? I really do like sneakers, it's a problem, I'm sorry. I wanted to be in journalism because the topic heavily interested me and I wanted to have something published, also I guess it's good for college, so that's a plus. There is a lot to know about me, but only so much I am willing to write before I just get tired and bored with the task, so if you can find me, God I hope you don't, you may ask me more. But anyways, I have to go write or do anything else, goodbye, Oarsman Reporter out!

Julian Lopez-Albany, Reporter

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