JV Boys Basketball

Kelley White

The Boys JV Basketball team, led by Coach  Matthew McFarline, won their game against LACES by a score of 81-34. So far, their overall record is 6-9, and 3-6 in the Western League.

“We started off to a slow start but we picked it up,” said captain Maurice Mason.  “Our newest addition Bernard Perry helps the team a lot by getting rebounds and a lot of second chance points. I’m looking forward to playing Palisades and Uni because they talk a lot of trash.”

According to Mason, JV has a better record than Varsity and puts more of an emphasis in playing as a team and not individual accomplishments. He said they chose light blue as their warm-up color instead of their typical color, navy, because it stands out.

“The team is doing awesome,” said Coach McFarline. “We’ve got a good group of guys who want to win as a team. There’s a good mix of leaders and role players with any given night being someone’s breakout game.

“The biggest difference between JV and Varsity is that Varsity is the ‘right now’. There’s a system in play. JV is the build up to that, it’s the preparation and place where players figure out what type of player they are.”

The Boys JV Basketball team played their last home game on January 28 against University High School with a final score of 54-40.

Their next game will be away at Palisades High School on February 1.