Question Man: Climate Change

Rita Gamboa, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Recently a global crisis has been on the rise and it’s causing people to fight for climate change action. On Friday Sept. 20 students from around the world walked out of their classes to participate in the Youth Climate Strike to address the issue. The Oarsman asked students and teachers what they do to prevent climate change.

Kai Smith, Senior:

“To prevent climate change I want to do my part as an individual. I’m vegetarian, I recycle the correct way. I don’t leave water running, air conditioning or electricity on, for long periods of time. I also take time out of my day to go the extra mile and spend more money on things that are healthier for the environment and for us.”

Rita Gamboa

Jonathan Villalobos, Senior: 

“What I do to prevent climate change is basically just pick-up trash. Everyone should try to pick up trash as much as possible. Using less paper and recycling are other ways that we can help. I also think we should use electric cars instead of regular cars so there’s less pollution.”

Carolyn Willcox, Italian Teacher:

“To prevent climate change I am re-examining my own carbon footprint. We watched Before the Flood, a documentary on climate change in my classes. As a follow-up activity I had my students calculate their own carbon tax. As I was calculating my own carbon tax I noticed how important it was to stop eating red meat, which is something I’ve always done but now I am more committed than ever to not eating red meat.”